The MTLE Basic Skills Test details (from the MTLE Website)


Scores Spreadsheet

MTLE Reading by the Numbers

This is my attempt to break down the MTLE Reading test by the numbers -- points per item, required number of items correct, time per item, etc.

MTLE Six Question Types

Still a work in progress, I tried to brief the six question types (based on the six MTLE Reading Objectives) and suggest strategies for answering them.

MTLE-Similar Reading Passages

The best strategy to practice for the test is to find reading passages as similar to the MTLE as possible. Here are some on-line:

Non-Similar Basic Skills tests by Pearsons

The Texas and Florida Basics Skills Reading Tests -- the objectives ... and therefore types of questions ... are considerably different

The CBEST (the Basic Skills test for the California teacher license) is also fairly different ... the passages are easier and shorter and more varied -- and the objectives and questions are different. (One interesting thing about the CBEST, though, is the computer version's testing environment. You can download and run a version on your own computer. It's kind of a hassle but it's almost worth because it is the most horrible testing computer testing environment I've ever experienced.